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We proudly announce the recent awards received by our lab members.

In June, Hiroko Nakajima won the First Prize at the Interim Research Presentation of the MBA Service & Hospitality Program, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University.

In July, the article “Corporate philosophy as a linking mechanism: Antecedents and behavioral outcomes of internalization of corporate philosophy at Japanese MNCs in Thailand”, co-authored by one of our lab members, Tamiko Kasahara (University of Shizuoka), and Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi has been granted 2020 Palgrave Macmillan-AJBS Best Paper Award from the Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS). Another paper authored by Senior Lecturer Ting Liu and Professor Sekiguchi, ”Locally recruited parent country nationals (PCNLs): An empirical study of bridge individuals in Japanese companies”, was also selected as a finalist for the best paper award. 

Please visit AJBS website for more information including short videos of the presentations.