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International research collaboration in progress

  • Ute Stephan et al. Supporting entrepreneurship during the Covid-19 pandemic: A global study of entrepreneurs’ resilience and well-being. Tomoki Sekiguchi, Saddam Khalid, Satoshi Kawakatsu. Data collection in progress
  • Rolf van Dick et al. Identity leadership going global project. Tomoki Sekiguchi. Data collection finished
  • Frederick P. Morgeson et al. Global work design project. Tomoki Sekiguchi, Azusa Ebisuya, Prasad Hettiarachchi. Data analysis phase
  • Kathi Bader et al. Performance management of expatriates in MNCs. Tomoki Sekiguchi. R&R
  • Ting Liu et al. The impact of COVID-19 on organizational behavior in East Asia. Ting Liu, Sijia Zhao, Felix Won, Tomoki Sekiguchi. Research design in progress.